Zed: Please Support Same-Sex Marriage

Most people across Australia and Canberra support marriage equality.

Polling shows that 64% of Australians support marriage equality, 53% of Christians support marriage equality, and 76% of Coalition voters want the Prime Minister to support a conscience vote. The Libs are the only obstacle between us and an Australia that is proud to allow all Aussies to marry whom they love. 

One of the coalition's loudest voices against marriage equality is our local Federal Liberal Senator, Zed Seselja, so let's encourage him to stop blocking a fairer, more equal Australia.

Sign the petition to Senator Seselja.

Dear Senator Seselja,

We call on you, as Senator for the ACT, to support same-sex marriage.

Marriage, above all, should be about love.

Opposing same-sex couples the right to marry denies them and their families a fundamental right to equality. It perpetuates discrimination and prejudice. 

The vast majority of Australians and Territorians support full marriage equality. It's time to listen to your constituents and stand by what the people want. 

It is the right thing to do.

As Senator for the ACT, we call on you to support the amending of the Commonwealth Marriage Act to allow same-sex partners to marry.


Your constituents.

Will you sign?

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