WorkChoices Returns

Minimum wage, weekend rates and workplace "flexibility" are all under threat from the Abbott government's review into industrial relations. 

Tony Abbott promised repeatedly that WorkChoices, the Howard-era workplace laws that removed basic rights and protections from everyday working people, was "dead, buried and cremated". 

Despite this pledge, the Productivity Review into Australia's workplace relations system, focused on the rights of everyday working people, appears to be an attempt to bring WorkChoices back to life.

Reducing penalty rates and wrecking the minimum wage would impact millions of working people. Our strong minimum wage system is a major contributor to the prosperity in our society, and helps promote social inclusion. 

The Abbott Government's Commission of Audit in 2014 already proposed freezing minimum wages, a proposal that would cost a worker $136 per week. Several Liberal-National members of parliament have called for the scrapping or reduction of the minimum wage.

Sign this petition to call on Tony Abbott to back down on his plans to reduce the rights and pay of working people. 

Prime Minister Tony Abbott:

I call on you to stop your attacks on the rights and pay of working people, and to stop your attempts to wreck the minimum wage and penalty rates.

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