What the Liberal Government thinks of women

In the first fortnight of 2016, the Liberal Government has shown us what they really think of women:

  • Former Minister Jamie Briggs resigned after inappropriate behaviour towards a female public servant, and after she made a complaint he texted around a picture of her to his colleagues that was leaked to the media
  • Several Liberal MPs tweeted their support for Briggs, and immigration minister Peter Dutton called a journalist who wrote an article on on the incident a "mad f*cking witch"
  • Attorney-General George Brandis announced that he is yet to find someone to fill the role of Sex Discrimination Commissioner which has now been vacant for four months

The sex discrimination commissioner is a critical role - a dedicated advocate fighting on behalf of Australian women against gender-based discrimination, including sexual harassment. Turnbull was very quick to distance his government from the actions of Jamie Briggs, but has failed to act with the same speed when it comes to finding a new sex discrimination commissioner. Send a message Attorney-General George Brandis who is responsible for making the new appointment.

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