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Express your support for the president of the Human Rights Commission, Professor Gillian Triggs.

Professor Triggs has been under extraordinary and inappropriate pressure from the Coalition Government and Attorney General George Brandis to resign. The government has criticised her over the release of a report into children in immigration detention.

The position of president of the Human Rights Commission is an independent statutory role, appointed by the Governor General. The purpose of the commission is to defend and advocate for human rights, which by its nature may put it at odds with the government of the day.

Tony Abbott and George Brandis's unprecedented attack on Professor Triggs' reputation in the most public way imaginable tramples over important Westminster Conventions and demonstrates contempt for the independence of the Human Rights Commission.

Add your name to this petition supporting Professor Triggs.

We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned about recent unprecedented public criticism of one of Australia’s most respected independent public office-holders, Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) President Gillian Triggs by the Prime Minister and Attorney General.

Independent public office-holders are an important part of Australia's democratic civil society. Their task is to hold to account the abuses of power by government. Their ability to undertake this solemn duty depends on their independence and ability to act without interference or intimidation.

Independence is undermined when political leaders such as the Prime Minister and Attorney General publicly attack holders of public office.

In our view, the President of the Australian Human Rights Commission has carried out her duties with independence, impartiality and professionalism.

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