Stop Gutting Canberra

Public service cuts hurt all Australians, but they particularly hurt Canberra. A third of our local economy is reliant on the public service, meaning that if you're a Canberra resident and you don't work for the government, it's likely that your business or workplace is in some way reliant on public servants - either as customers or service providers. 

When deliberating on new policy, the government tends to value jobs above all else - except for those of our hard working public servants. The people who keep our country running and our economy growing are mere pawns to the Liberal Government's ideological and reckless policies - by cutting the jobs of those who keep our borders safe, pay our defence personnel, our nurses, our teachers, and provide vital services to all Australians, they are gutting Australia of some of our hardest working and most crucial members of society. And the impact of this will be felt nowhere more than right here in Canberra.

We need to show the government that we value the public service and we appreciate their significance to the lives of all Canberrans. Our country functions on the public service and our city is built on their hard work. Sign the petition and tell the Government to stop cutting public service jobs.

Will you sign?

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