Save Belconnen Town Centre


Tell the Government to keep the Immigration Department in Belconnen.

For a Government that is supposedly working for small business, a decision to move the Immigration Department out of Belconnen would likely force many small businesses in the area to shut down. Sending Immigration pubic servants out to the airport will devastate the Belconnen Town Centre.

Many Belconnen businesses have been able to open and remain profitable thanks to the public service sector in the area, with the majority of their business coming from public servants. The Government has not yet given sufficient reason to move the Immigration Department and certainly has not taken the residents of Belconnen into account. The proposed move is intended to consolidate the 5500 strong department, 4000 of which are located in Belconnen. Doesn't it make more sense to move the other 1500 to Belconnen and create a small boost for the town centre rather than bleeding it dry?

There's still time to let the Government know that this will devastate our town centre. Sign the petition and share it around to keep Belconnen thriving.

Will you sign?

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