Keep Canberra in the Lead on Renewables

When it comes to renewables, Canberra is leading the nation. We are taking our money out of climate destroying fossil fuels and investing in sustainable and effective public transport like light rail, we're doubling our spending on cycling infrastructure, and supporting the creation of over 16,000 solar households. All of is part of the ACT Government's commitment to make our city 100% powered by renewables by 2025. 

As Canberrans we can be proud of this progress, and be excited about transforming this leadership into a sustainable, healthier city for future generations. However, not all of our politicians share this vision for a greener future and that's why, leading into the 2016 ACT election, we're asking all Canberrans to sign up to support these initiatives and to show candidates from all parties that our community demands a more sustainable city. We expect all candidates to support these three core renewable policies:

1. Commit to our 100% renewable energy target
2. Investment in more efficient and sustainable public transport
3. Support investment in rooftop solar for ACT residents




Will you sign?

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