Pyne - this is the last time!


You're going to find this hard to believe but despite repeated defeats in the Senate, Christopher Pyne is once again attempting to deregulate our universities.

The Group of 8 Universities who were originally the only backers of the move have since pulled their support for university deregulation, so why is Pyne is still pushing for a highly unpopular reform that lacks support from the Australian people, the university sector and the Australian Senate? Because rumblings of a new election for the Senate hold more truth than we might like. If a double dissolution is called and we go back to the polls, the Libs might get a more favourable Senate, and if that's the case Pyne wants to have deregulation there and ready to be passed.

A Government cannot push policies that the people have repeatedly and overwhelmingly voiced adamant opposition to. This isn't leadership, it's ideologically-driven destruction of core tenants of Australian society. We need to stop the americanisation of our universities, keep them open for all Australians regardless of economic background, and ensure we don't shackle our graduates with life time debts. That's why we're building a movement to end the threat of deregulation and maybe even to kick Pyne out of his job while we're at it.

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