Peter Dutton is Unfit for Leadership

Climate change is threatening the livelihoods of our Pacific neighbours and it's no laughing matter. Rising sea levels and erosion are just a small example of climate change affects threatening Pacific Islanders. Today Peter Dutton and Tony Abbott, while attending the Pacific Islands forum in Port Moresby, were caught joking about the plight of Pacific nations. Saying "time doesn't mean anything when you're about to have water lapping at your door". 

It's no secret that our government's inaction on climate change is threatening the lives of all of us, particularly Pacific Islanders, but to make jokes while simultaneously hindering any real action on climate change and pushing for more coal mining is complete unacceptable for our political leaders.

That's why we're asking for Peter Dutton to resign as Immigration Minister, join us in demanding compassion and real leadership from our government. Add your name. 


Abbott and Dutton had both just come from meetings with Pacific Island leaders who had urged our ministers not to prioritise economic growth over the survival of Pacific nations. The attitude of our leaders toward climate change is utterly unacceptable but to joke about the suffering of our Pacific neighbours shows that Dutton and Abbott are unfit for leadership. That's why we're demanding Peter Dutton step down as immigration minister.

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