GST hike hurts our must vulnerable

The Government is considering raising the GST to 15% - a move that would hurt low income earners the most. Research completed by ACOSS shows that this would mean the hardest hit would be everyday people (six in ten people would pay over $4,600 extra each year).

It doesn't stop there, not only are they talking about a rise, but they're also considering expanding the GST to cover more everyday items that are currently exempt, including fresh food, education and health care and even water bills.

Multiple government ministers have said, when it comes to restructuring our tax system, literally:

"everything is on the table" 

While the government considers taxing low income earners, we want to know why the government isn't focusing its attention on those corporations that continue to use tax loop holes and aggressive tax minimisation tactics to get away with not paying hundreds of millions of dollars in tax.

Why are we supposed to accept low income earners and everyday Australians footing the bill to make up what could easily be found by tightening corporate loop holes?

Add your name to tell the Turnbull Government that increasing the GST should NOT be on the table until they hold corporations to account and pay their fair share of tax.  


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