Cut the Copenhagen Consensus Centre Funding

The Abbott Government has agreed to contribute $4 million of taxpayer funds toward Bjørn Lomborg's "research" centre at the University of Western Australia. Here's why this is an outrage:

In recent years the Copenhagen Consensus Centre, founded by climate-change sceptic Bjørn Lomborg, has been losing funding and support. This is likely due to the fact that beside a handful of desperate, yet powerful individuals, the world is finally beginning to understand the gravity of our impending climate crisis. So in the search for more funding to continue his research that is widely considered to have "no academic credibility", Lomborg sought to identify places where climate ignorance still exists. Destination: Abbott's Australia.


"There is no broadly ethical case that can be made for present generations to be so selfish to say that we will not invest in mitigating climate change because the benefits of our investment today will accrue to future generations and not to us"

Dr Frank Jotzo, Director of the Centre for Climate Economics and Policy at the ANU


While the rest of the world is beginning to wake up to the need for a real action to reduce carbon emissions and transition away from fossil-fuels toward renewables, the Abbott Government is taking us backward. The funding of Lomborg's centre is just another step along a chain of decisions threatening the health and safety of our future generations. And for the Abbott Government to allocate millions of taxpayer dollars to such a centre while simultaneously cutting funding to education, healthcare and social services is a disservice to the Australian people.

Sign the petition to tell Abbott that as an Australian taxpayer, we condemn the funding of ideologically-driven anti-science "research" centres. We demand our tax dollars go toward creating a better Australia for our future generations, not locking them into certain climate crisis.

If you'd like to see the kind of anti-science rhetoric that Lomborg's centre promotes check out Greg Larden's science blog for a great read on the problems with Lomborg's methodology. Larden provides a taste of what your Do you really want your tax dollars going toward this:


Source: Greg Larden 2015, website 

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