Mr Abbott: Help pay for Mr Fluffy


To Prime Minister Abbott and Senator Abetz,


We call on the Commonwealth Government to provide funding to help meet the cost of the Loose-Fill Asbestos Eradication Scheme established by the ACT Government to address the Mr Fluffy asbestos disaster.

While the Commonwealth has provided a loan to the ACT Government, Canberra residents have been left with no assistance to cover the $1 billion price tag for the scheme. We call on you to recognise the Commonwealth’s historical responsibility for this crisis and the inordinate burden Canberrans now face as a consequence. 

As recently released Cabinet papers note, the Commonwealth was responsible for public health in the ACT at the time of Dirk Jansen's operations. And as a result of these operations, over a thousand Canberra families live with a heightened risk of contracting asbestos related disease. The only solution to the crisis entails the destruction of many treasured family homes. 

Given the trauma so many Canberrans are experiencing, the nature of the financial burden involved, and the Commonwealth’s historical role in this disaster, we urge you to take responsibility for your Commonwealth predecessors and help fund the solution. 


The Canberran People.

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