Petition: Save Medicare & Bulk Billing

Add your voice to the growing number of people fed-up with needing to defend core principles of Australian life. Save our Medicare and say no to cuts to bulk billing.


Malcolm Turnbull is trying to secretly introduce a tax on essential health services like blood tests, MRIs, x-rays, ultrasounds and pap smears.

Last year, we thought we had won. Tony Abbott abandoned his disastrous policy of destroying bulk-billing by introducing a GP-copayment and slashing the GP rebate. 

Now, Malcolm Turnbull is pushing ahead with attempts to rip out over $650 million more in funding. This is in addition to the $600 million in Federal funding already cut from Canberra's health system, and $60 billion in health cuts across all of Australia.

The Federal Liberals and Malcolm Turnbull just don't seem to understand that we don't want our medicare weakened, it's a hallmark of Australian society and should continue to provide free health care to all Australians. 

We stopped the GP tax and the cuts to the Medicare rebate last year.

Now we need your help to stop these cuts to essential medical services and diagnostic procedures.  

The Federal Liberal government needs to hear from everyday people like you that they cannot cut $60 billion from our health system and not impact patients' health.


Will you sign?

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