Our IKEA Welcome takes off

Everyday people across Australia and globally helped turn the Fair Go for Canberra "Ikea welcome" stunt into a viral sensation.

The stunt involved mock Ikea catalogues and price tags highlighting the aggressive corporate tax minimisation of major multinationals like Ikea.

It has been shared on scores of major news sites around the world, including Die Speigel in Germany, Mashable in the USA, the Daily Mail in the UK, and of course the Canberra Times in Australia. On Wednesday night, the stunt was also the feature story on A Current Affair.

The 200 largest corporations in Australia pay an average of just 10% company tax, while small and medium companies without armies of accountants pay the full 30% rate. Ikea paid just 3% company tax, and one in five of the ASX200 largest corporations actually paid no tax at all!

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