Australia's richest companies must pay their share

Aggressive tax minimisation is rife in Australia and costing us billions in potential healthcare, education, infrastructure and crucial social services funding.

Recent Tax Office figures show the largest three hundred companies in Australia pay no company tax at all.

The Government has been pathetic in taking real steps to address the issue, instead opting to raise your GST rate to make up the shortfall.

Add your name to demand the Turnbull Government take real action to closing corporate tax loopholes and to leave raising the GST off the table.

Local businesses are subject to the standard corporate tax rate of 30%. For example, since starting operations in Australia in 2003, IKEA has made over $1 billion in profit and paid less than 3% in tax. That equals about $270 million of potential nurses, teachers, healthcare, housing for the homeless or social services that the Australian people have been deprived of. But they're not the only company using these legal aggressive tax minimisation tactics to rip off the Australian people.

The world's largest tech companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, as well as mining and fossil fuel companies like BHP, Shell, Glencore and Rio Tinto, all pay next to nothing in tax.

By avoiding real action on corporate tax avoidance and instead focusing on cutting company tax, the Turnbull Government is protecting the wealthy at the expense of everyday Australians.


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