Sign the pledge: Vote 'No' to university deregulation

Despite the announcement from new Federal Education Minister Simon Birmingham that university deregulation has been "shelved", most Australians realise this is just a delaying tactic.  

The Liberal Government has spent the last 24 months trying to force through the de-regulation of universities, and all the new Minister has done is kick the can down the road.

The real risk is that in 12 months, deregulation and $100,000 degrees will be back. 

Australians are overwhelmingly against the deregulation of our higher education system, and it's not just students who are concerned about potential $100,000 degrees - Australians from all backgrounds understand that affordable higher education is a public good and needs to be strengthened and improved - not removed.

The Liberal Government has missed the point that the issue with their policy isn't whether university fees rise by $50,000 or $100,000, it's the deregulation of the fee system that the Australian people don't want. Let's show the Liberal Government that this issue isn't up for negotiation. We don't want deregulated universities, and there is no sweetening of the deal to be done.  

We don't want delays. We want the policy scrapped entirely.

Deregulated universities means expensive degrees that not only are likely to get more and more expensive into the future, but will immediately cut out many young Australians from the option of attending university at all. Those that can afford to take on the debt, will spend decades paying it off, limiting their ability to live their lives and enjoy their early years of adulthood - it truly is a debt sentence.  

Add your name to pledge that you'll only vote for candidates that make iron-clad commitments to never deregulate our universities.

Will you sign?

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