Don't cut ACT's share of the GST


Canberra's economy survives on the back of our hard working public service, meaning that if you're not a public servant than it's likely that your work or business relies on public service customers. So when the Abbott Government made massive cuts to the public service, Canberra has been felt the pain. Now, as if rubbing salt in the wounds, the Federal Government are planning to cut our share of GST revenue too.

Under the proposed redistribution of GST revenue, the ACT would lose $130million in the next financial year - Western Australia would also take a cut while all other states would receive an increase in allocation. Chief Minister Andrew Barr has confirmed that the cuts would have to be absorbed on the ACT Budget's bottom line. 

Can you sign our petition to tell Joe Hockey and the Abbott Government not to cut the ACT's share of GST revenue? 

Since the beginning of the Federal Government's term, Canberrans have taken hit after hit -- first through massive public service cuts, then by shafting us with the clean up bill for the Mr Fluffy disaster (that the Commonwealth was responsible for), and now by cutting our share of GST revenue. It's difficult to believe that their clearly ideological motivations have Canberrans best interests in mind at all.

Yesterday, Chief Minister Barr has called for an end to the "political tinkering" of GST payments, and this petition is a signal to Barr that Canberrans need him to keep up the fight -- Don't let the ACT's share of the GST be slashed. 


Will you sign?