Will you stand against cuts to family violence services?

Prime Minister Abbott has declared that he is committed to the elimination of violence against women.

But now vital services, like the Women's Legal Centre and the Domestic Violence Crisis Service, are facing massive funding cuts. This means family violence services are being forced to cut staff, slash programs, or even close entirely, because of brutal cuts made by the Abbott Government.

In Canberra, this means the loss of up to 3000 hours of paid and supervised pro-bono legal aid for women facing family violence and other legal challenges. Up to 400 women a year in Canberra will go without affordable or free legal advice, or be unrepresented in court, as a direct result of Tony Abbott's funding cuts. 

Family violence is a national emergency, and is our number one law and order issue. Every week in Australia, a woman is killed by her current or former partner.

Tony Abbott has been forced to back down on funding cuts before. 

Will you help put pressure on Tony Abbott, and his Attorney General George Brandis? 

Join the call for the federal government to reverse these devastating cuts.

Domestic violence is a national emergency. It cannot be solved without a serious national conversation and full government funding and support for all services that prevent, and provide protection from, domestic violence.

We call on the Australian government to reverse funding cuts to vital programs that support victims and prevent family violence, including:

  • Legal services
  • Crisis support and refuges
  • Outreach services
  • Men's behaviour change programs
  • Emergency accommodation and long-term housing
  • Counselling services
  • Homelessness services

Will you sign?

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