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Protect universal healthcare: no $5 GP co-payments.

For the last 30 years, universal healthcare has been the right of every Australian. Regardless of the size of your wallet, if you needed to see a doctor, you could freely do so. However, this will change if the Abbott government is able to charge bulk billing patients a $5 GP co-payment every time they see their doctor. It is the first step in dismantling a universal healthcare system to be proud of.

Nobody wants to see our universal healthcare system replaced by a profit-driven American-style system in which access depends upon how rich you are. For people who are poor this could mean the difference between life and death as they second-guess and delay their visit to a doctor. 

Please stop the erosion of Australia’s universal healthcare system. No GP co-payment. Access to a doctor should be free to all. Don’t stand by as the sick, injured, and vulnerable become the victims of this cruel and deeply unpopular Abbott/Hockey budget.

We call on you to help stop any plans to charge Australians for getting sick, and to keep Medicare world class and accessible for all.


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