Fair Go for Canberra welcomes 100% renewables by 2020

Today’s announcement by Minister Corbell that Canberra will move forward its 100% renewable energy target is strongly supported by Fair Go for Canberra, a community movement of over 15,000 Canberrans.


The ACT has been a world-leader on climate policy, from a strong carbon neutral target, fossil fuel divestment and renewable energy. Moving the 100% renewable energy target to 2020 makes the ACT a global leader on climate action.

The government’s progressive, visionary policies on climate change and renewable energy are strongly supported by the Canberran community.

Fair Go for Canberra expects that the Canberra Liberals will recognise the ACT’s leadership role and provide unequivocal bipartisan support for today’s target.

Quotes attributable to Andy Jennings, Chair of Fair Go for Canberra:

“We welcome the renewable announcement today, which confirms the ACT Government’s position as a global leader on climate change.

“While the Federal Liberal Government is still debating whether climate change is real, the ACT Government and Simon Corbell have placed Canberra in the lead.

“We need to transition our economy to become a clean energy economy, and today’s announcement demonstrates the Government’s commitment to real action.

“Fair Go for Canberra is calling on the Canberra Liberals to back this new 100% by 2020 target, and demonstrate that unlike their Federal counterparts, they are not in denial.”

Fair Go for Canberra is an independent community group with over 15,000 supporters. Last year, Fair Go for Canberra allied with GetUp! and Solar Citizens to run television ads calling on ACT politicians to keep Canberra in the lead.