Crust Pizza - pay your workers their award wages


This is Priya, an 18 year-old student at the ANU. Priya was a pizza delivery driver at Crust Pizza in Gungahlin until she was fired for standing up for fair wages and conditions. All Priya and her workmates wanted was to be treated with dignity like other workers in Australia, their ask was simple: fair pay for drivers and penalty rates for all workers.

Sadly, as the video below from the United Voice union shows, exploitation of workers occurs at "every single Crust" store.

These illegal practices are endemic and it appears that all Crust workers may be experiencing the same unfair conditions that Priya has been fighting so hard to defeat. 

Fair Go for Canberra is demanding that Crust Pizza pay their workers the penalty rates and unpaid wages that they're owed, and that they investigate all of their stores to ensure adherence to the Fast Food Award. We shouldn't have to fight these battles, so let's show Crust that the community will not stand for the exploitation of fast food workers. Add your name.

This year we've seen a spate of businesses illegally underpaying and exploiting their workers. Fortunately Priya and her workmates have been able to work together, and with assistance from their unions, are putting up one hell of a fight, but we need to support all fast food workers and ensure that our society promotes fair conditions and just wages. 

After continued community pressure and the hard work of Priya, her workmates and their unions, Crust Pizza Gungahlin has agreed to pay their workers their unpaid wages! Read more here.

Now the fight is on to get action from the Crust franchise to stamp out all forms of worker exploitation across all of their Australian stores. 

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