Community Survey to Build the Peoples' Charter

Fair Go For Canberra is launching a broad-based Community Survey following the highly successful Progressive Canberra Summit on the 14th of November.


The Progressive Canberra Summit was a forum and platform for Canberra's community groups to raise the key issues and challenges they saw facing our community in 2016 and beyond. 

There were three key themes that crossed all of the panel sessions: addressing inequality, ensuring a healthy and sustainable community, and tackling housing affordability

The Summit was the first step towards creating a "Peoples' Charter".

Now, Fair Go For Canberra is hosting a Community Survey.

Based on this and the panel session reports, we are working to develop a broad community survey with the community groups that participated. The survey will be conducted for the remainder of 2015 and through to around mid-February.

The results of the survey and the Summit will be distilled into the "Peoples' Charter" and we will then go back to the community groups, and more generally to the community, in March for them to endorse that Charter.

Fair Go for Canberra will lead the public advocacy for the charter, in partnership with the community sector. 

The Community Survey can be taken here: