China-FTA Will Remove Asbestos Safeguards

The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA) is being negotiated in secret. The only details that we know are those that have been leaked, including fine-print that would remove safeguards that currently prevent asbestos products being imported from China.

Community groups, unions and businesses are all raising the alarm over the China FTA, which would completely remove local workers rights and technical qualification standards for electricians, and remove safety standards on building material importation for projects that include at least 20% Chinese funding. The ChAFTA would also include clauses that allow multinational corporations to sue the Australian government if our local health and safety laws impact on "profitability". 

Read more here at the ABC, Working Life, and Business Spectator, which cover what little we know about the China FTA.

The real risk, beyond the significant risks from unaccredited tradespeople working on major Australian projects, comes from opening the floodgates to asbestos-riddled building materials.

We can't risk another asbestos disaster.

The China-Australia Free Trade Agreement goes further than any other free trade agreement in our history in removing important safeguards.

Add your name to oppose the deal that would remove safeguards that currently prevent unsafe building and manufacturing material, including asbestos products, into Australia. 

Fair Go for Canberra is supporting the Rally to Stop the China FTA being organised by the team at Build a Better Future. Join us on your lunch break on Monday August 10th at 12pm. RSVP here.

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