Support Renewable Energy in Canberra


After destroying investor confidence in renewables by slashing the renewable energy target, the Government has now directed the Clean Energy Finance Corporation to cease all investment in wind and small-scale solar. Despite these reckless policies, renewable energy is cost-competitive with fossil fuels but the industry won't survive if these attacks keep coming. Let's also remember that the Government currently subsidises the fossil fuel industry to tune of $10billion every year. 

Sign the petition below and show our local representative Zed Seselja that the Canberra community needs him to commit to supporting local wind and solar projects. 

The Liberal Government is waging a war against renewables and the collateral damage is our future generations. Australia has been left behind - and utterly embarrassed - by our government's inaction on climate change. A transition away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy is crucial to avoiding catastrophic climate change, but you've heard this before. The global community, the world's top scientists, religious leaders and even the most polluting nations like China and India recognise this, so why is our Government hindering Australia's potential renewable energy industry? It's time to call an end to the laughable attacks on "awful" wind farms and effective small-scale solar. But what can we do from Canberra?

We want our local representative, Zed Seselja, to promise to support our local renewables industry. Canberra is desperately in need of diversifying our economy, as well needing to reduce our emissions, local wind and solar are the way. Sign the petition and tell Zed that the Canberra community wants real support for local renewables.

Will you sign?

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