In 2014 the Abbott Government attempted a ‘budget repair job’. Creating a budget emergency they targeted the poor, the elderly and the disabled to deliver an ideologically-driven attack on the Fair Go - a budget considered to be the worst in decades. The Australian people responded to this budget - and the blatant breaking of election promises - by taking to the streets in the tens of thousands.

With many of the budget measures failing to make it through the Senate, the Abbott Government has promised to deliver a “dull and routine” budget this year. But with falling iron-ore prices, pathetic attempts to chase corporate tax dodgers, and promises of a “families package” and an end to public service cuts, the Australian people are left not knowing what’s to come.

We want to know what you consider to be a priority for this upcoming budget. Whether it be local issues, like Mr Fluffy and local schools, or national concerns, like education and health, help us understand the issues that you want to see prioritised this budget.

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