Bronwyn Bishop Should Resign

We have no confidence in our Speaker of the House, Bronwyn Bishop. The $5000 helicopter flight to a Liberal Party fundraiser at taxpayers' expense is the final straw for the Australian people. Even members of her own party agree that Bishop's use of entitlements "don't pass the sniff test". Even though Bishop has agreed to pay back the cost of the flight, the fact that it occurred in the first place is further signs of a blatant disregard for the Australian people who have been suffering from education, health and social services cuts under the Abbott Government. Now Bishop is facing further questions about her spending of taxpayer dollars and we've had enough.

We demand that Bronwyn Bishop resign as Speaker and that parliamentary entitlements be reassessed.  

Bishop has refused to apologise for using our tax dollars to prop up her own party, which is hardly surprising coming from the party that also believes poor people don't drive and that an income of $185,000 "is not particularly high" - a full $100,000 above the median. The Coalition is clearly out of touch with the Australian people and it's time we saw change.

Even before considering the blatant misuse of entitlements, Bishop's role as Speaker is reason for concern. In her time as speaker Bishop has ejected a record number of MPs from question time. Working in a role where impartiality is crucial, we cannot allow Bishop to remain in the job while clearly disregarding her responsibility to the Australian people.


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