What is Fair Go for Canberra?

Fair Go for Canberra is a community driven campaign enabling Canberrans to defend ourselves from the cuts, lies and broken promises of the Federal Liberal Government. We are inviting all Canberrans, and all community groups to join the movement.

Who is involved?

With attacks on medicare, young people, university students, pensioners, and public servants (to name a few), we all stand to be hit by this Government's policies! Fair Go for Canberra welcomes individuals and organisations of all backgrounds to join us in our fight to defend our community and livelihoods in Canberra against the attacks of the Liberal government. Over 5000 Canberrans have already joined.

The risk of inaction will be devastating, so join us and have your voice heard in demanding a Fair Go for Canberra!

What kind of things will Fair Go For Canberra do?

Fair Go for Canberra aims to engage and mobilise individuals and organisations from across the ACT with the shared vision of defending Canberra from the Liberal government’s attacks on our community, and building a fairer Canberra for all.

As we continue to grow and expand, we will engage with our local community on issues important to them. In addition to this, we will be identifying key opportunities to network and mobilise our supporters, and to best represent their interests, be this through community outreach events, public forums, petitions, grassroots organising tactics and rallies.

Contact Information

Email: info@fairgoforcanberra.org.au


Fair Go for Canberra Inc. gratefully acknowledges the in-kind support it receives from the Trades & Labour Council of the ACT (UnionsACT), 189 Flemington Rd, Mitchell ACT 2911 Australia.